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The transition from concept and design to physical reality is possibly the most significant single step in the development of any product. This is the point at which an item which so far only existed on paper is given form, and can be measured, tested, and used. Prototyping gives designers the opportunity to address any real world issues which arise and to plan for production of their product.

To produce a true representation of a plastic product, it makes sense to partner with a prototype and plastic mould company with experience in producing both one-off samples and production runs which…

Here at The Plastic Works, we provide a range of high-quality design and production processes to customers in the UK, including 5-axis CNC routing services. Today we are going to look at the benefits of using a 5-axis CNC router.

What is a 5-axis CNC router?

A 5-axis CNC router machine is a computer-controlled machine that provides complete freedom for manufacturing plastic products. Computer Numerical Control machines are a revolutionary production method that benefits all manufacturing industries. …

At The Plastic Works, we specialise in vacuum forming, w here a sheet of plastic is heated and stretched onto a single-surface mould, and forced against the mould by a vacuum, enabling it to form plastic into permanent objects. As part of our services, we are able to provide plastic product design.

Computer Aided Design

Whatever product specifications and aesthetics you require, they are achievable through our use of CAD (Computer Aided Design). This takes your ideas from initial 2D conception to real life 3D. We can do this using any of your own ideas sketched out, a mock-up, or…

At The Plastic Works, we are experts in vacuum forming. However, beyond this niche, we also have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to services and processes involving plastic fabrication and assembly using solvent bonding and ultrasonic welding. Today we’re going to focus on our routing services, used as part of our production process. Connected to this, we will be looking at the use of CNC machines, and how this relates in terms of trimming plastic products and the different types of axis routing available.

What are CNC Machines?

A Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine is able to perform…


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